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When tennis was big in Withernsea

WE ARE TAKING a look back at an extract from the Withernsea Gazette of May 24, 1924 to remember the opening of the tennis club grounds in Lascelles Avenue, which is now home to Withernsea Lawn Tennis and Bowling Club, although tennis is no longer played there.
The article, supplied by Roger Bellamy, reads…
The new grounds of the Withernsea Lawn Tennis Club Limited, which were opened under most auspicious circumstances on Saturday afternoon, promise to be the social centre of Withernsea in the coming season.
The Club is in the happy position of having a share list which is practically overflowing and the number of applicants for playing membership has been greater than the club could entertain.
Being pleasantly situated and well sheltered, the grounds are ideal. The clubhouse stands on a slight eminence, being equipped with ladies’ and gentlemen’s dressing rooms, kitchen etc, with covered in verandah for afternoon teas and lounge.
There is a good stretch of smooth turf outside the courts for the accommodation of visitors to sit and watch the play.
Beautiful weather favoured the formal opening. A large and select gathering of members and friends attended and the function was of considerable social interest.
All the best-known people in Withernsea appeared to be present and the white flannels of the gentlemen and dainty costumes of the ladies, made up a very pleasing picture.
The honour of unfurling the flag above the clubhouse, bearing the club’s colours, and of declaring the courts open for play was given to Mrs. H. H. Lambert, in recognition of the very great part which she and her husband have taken in the formation of the club and in bringing it to its present happy position.
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