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Sit, watch and admire the Masters’ at work

FIRST ACE: Debbie Goddard Taylor pictured after holing her first ever hole-in-one at Hornsea Golf Club

IT’S ALWAYS a hard time of year for me this, as tomorrow is 12 years since my dad passed away, writes Stretton Wright.
He used to love daffodils and as I go round the course and they are all out in full flower, it always makes me think of him. I’m sure all of you that knew and played with him will be surprised at where the years have gone.
So this week sees the first Major of the year and I’m sure many of you will be watching The Masters from Augusta. I have Dustin Johnson as my favourite with the way he is playing at the moment, but who knows around there when the pressure is on. Just think back 12 months to what happened to Jordan Spieth.
I’m sure you will all be pleased to know that the ropes around the greens have now been taken in. Hoops remain in places though to keep golfers away from sensitive areas. Can I just remind all golfers though, when using trollies to try and avoid taking trollies and ride on buggies between the green and greenside bunkers.
Steve Robinson has been busy again recently planting the flower beds up around the clubhouse. Very nice they look too. Well done Steve. I’m sure he would appreciate a little help though as it is hard work doing all this on his own.
Yet again I am mentioning pitch marks.
Just because the greens have been top dressed with sand, this does not mean pitch marks do not need repairing. When I played on Sunday, I was doing at least 10 per green and Paul Brummitt repaired over 20 on the second.
Some of you may recall me mentioning about going through the club archives whilst trying to find some old documents. Well everything was in a real mess and just in an old fruit box. That is not the case now as Peter Bridges has done an amazing job and not only put everything in order but everything is now in files with a great index system, so everything can be easily found.
We now need to find somewhere to keep all this information, so if any member would like to look through it, it can be accessible to all. Can I just thank Peter for the fantastic job he has done, as it must have taken him hours and hours.
On Sunday our Captain’s Challenge came from Paul Brummitt and Alan Barker. Despite them putting the tee time back until 10.15am and then meeting early on the practice ground, it made no difference to the final result. The Captain, who had maybe enjoyed himself a little too much at the seniors’ dinner the night before, was a little delicate early on but his putter was on fire from the fourth onwards, as he kept holing putt after putt.
I also played quite nicely, which really gave our opposition a tough time. The final score in the end was a five and four win for us, but yet again can I thank our opposition for a great game with lots of light-hearted banter.
Mr Barker assures me he is going to stop all the twizzles he does with his driver before he hits it. Let’s see if this happens. Again, both of them made a very generous donation to the Captain’s Charity.
Last weekend was a great weekend for two of our members. Firstly, on Saturday playing the 12th hole, Joe Goforth made his fifth hole-in-one after what was apparently a very lucky bounce. Then on Sunday playing directly behind us, there was a huge cheer from the 17th tee as Debbie Goddard Taylor made her very first hole-in-one. Massive congratulations to you both.
Just a quick reminder, the first week of the Tuesday Club started on Tuesday. I know some of you like to eat after you have played and food will be available. Just to give Diego a bit of an idea though in the kitchen, can you please order before you go out.
Two weeks ago saw local kitchen company Toogoods put some new units and worktops in the halfway house. This was organised by Patsy Yeates and hasn’t cost the club anything. It was work that has been in need of doing for a while and it now looks much better; a big thank you goes to Toogoods for supplying and fitting the kitchen.
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