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Hopefully, the worst

of winter is now over!

I HOPE YOU are all like me and are hoping this is the last blast of winter, writes Stretton Wright from Hornsea Golf Club.
Freezing temperatures and snow are not my favourite weather conditions, but I guess it makes a change from all the recent rain over the last four months. The course became very wet again after the snow had cleared, which is not good at all for all us golfers.
It took a while, but the shop has been fully cleaned, a splash of paint applied in places, a good move round and most of the stock is now back out. The new Puma range of clothing for both ladies and gents looks great and is already selling well. Please pop in and take a look if you want to look good on the course this summer. It would be nice to see someone even if it is just for a coffee!
On a Saturday recently, Dave Holmes, who is a new member to Hornsea, made his very first hole-in-one on the 7th. I was told it was a great shot pitching just short of the hole and going straight in. Well done Dave and welcome to Hornsea.
Well our unbeaten Captain’s Challenge record didn’t last long, as on a Saturday last month we played against Nathan and Sam Bodsworth. Playing off the yellow tees though and giving so many shots just makes it nearly impossible, so we might have to have a slight rethink on the rules.
In the end we lost the front 9 two down, halved the back 9 but lost the game 2&1. I have a feeling we might be having a rematch later in the year when the captain is feeling a little better and we won’t be giving as many shots!
February brought more rain to the course leaving many areas saturated and consequently course closures. It has been interesting to see that many other courses have been closed but also resorting to buggy and even trolley bans.
The greens on the whole are doing well. We have applied an organic slow release fertiliser which is high in humic acid. Ideal in the winter months to enhance the plants natural defences against disease outbreaks. They are in need of aeration with some greens retaining moisture at the surface, the 5th green in particular.
The difficulty of that is travelling around the course with heavy equipment and then working on and around the greens. However, we are only five weeks away from spring maintenance, during which time we will solid tine twice and apply around 60 tonnes of sand.
For the outfield areas we will aerate all the heavily worn and well-trodden areas. These will be solid tined and fertilised to aid recovery particularly around greens and tees.
This year will see another plant protection product (Iprodione) withdrawn from use. It is a curative contact fungicide which is used after an outbreak of fusarium. Now the only fungicides available are preventative which could be expensive in the years to come.
Repairs have been made to the fence to the rear of the 6th green. Some posts have been replaced and it will be painted once the weather improves. Repairs have also been made to the sleepers at the front of the pond. Additional wood was used to raise the level of the sleepers and top soil used to backfill the low areas and the turf rolled back into place.
Bunker work is ongoing, the greenside on the 15th and the 2nd and 3rd bunkers are finished. I would have anticipated this work completed by now, but the difficulty has been with the soft ground conditions.
The heathers next to the 7th tee where looking fantastic the other day as they are all in colour. Despite being under snow, they are still looking well!
Recently on a Saturday night, the Gents’ Seniors section held their annual dinner at the Golf Club. Unfortunately, Yvonne and myself had a prior engagement at a 60th birthday party, but I hear it was a very good night with everyone enjoying good food. I would like to thank Ray McKie for sending a few photos of the trophy winners (below) on the night.
Whilst talking about the Seniors, on Wednesday, April 11, we have a Seniors Open at Hornsea and there are a few places available for members and non-members. The cost is only £14 per person so is great value. Please contact Gordon McGlynn if you would like to enter on 01964 529462 or 07961 602067.
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