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Commercial Sea Angling

AFTER NEARLY a week of rough seas it was good to see that the conditions had calmed down considerably for Sunday’s match.

The fishing however was very patchy with the whiting obliging in some areas, but others were nearly devoid of sizeable fish. Cod were few and far between with only two being brought to the scales, weed was also a problem on some beaches.

Happiest man at the end of the weighin was Sam Glass who stayed local and bagged a cod of 1.755kg to take the biggest fish of the day and a tidy pay day; well done Sam.

Biggest bag of the day fell to Dave Hart who found a good pocket of fish bringing 21 back for a recorded top weight of 5.66kg, runner-up was Pete Fenby, who opted for the river and came back with 14 fish for 4.31kg.

Junior winner was Harvey Butler who had a really good day bring back eight fish for 2.05kg, runner-up was Taylor Fisk with seven fish for 1.82kg, third was Fynnley Marshall with 0.255kg.

Leading Weights

1 Dave Hart - 21 fish 5.66kg

2 Pete Fenby - 14 fish 4.31kg

3 Nick Marshall - 15 fish 4.2kg

4 Juzzy Hawksley - 11 fish 3.435kg

5 Graham Hoose - 8 fish 2.37kg

6 Sam Glass - 3 fish 2.165kg

7 Chris Barnes - 7 fish 1.775kg

Biggest Fish

1 Sam Glass - 1.755kg cod

2 Pete Fenby - 0.8kg cod

3 Nick Marshall - 0.485 whiting

Next Match is the Daiwa weekend with the junior match on Saturday, November 17, 9am-1pm followed by the senior match on Sunday, November 18, 10am -4pm. The next club match is on Sunday, December 2, fishing 10-4.

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