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Water leak closes town school

WITHERNSEA High School was closed early due to a water leak in a cookery room on Tuesday, February 6. However, it was open as usual yesterday, February 7 after the problem was resolved.
Parents were made aware and provisions were made for pupils to leave the school at 1.30pm on Tuesday, following the incident, with buses and transport arranged.
On-site workmen had to turn the water off which led to the pupils heading home while they addressed the incident on Tuesday afternoon.
Richard Williman, Headteacher, commented: “Following the late-morning discovery of a water leak and a subsequent loss of toilet facilities, I made the difficult decision to close the school early on Tuesday, February 6.
“I am grateful to our travel providers who were able to arrange transport so speedily, ensuring the safe departure of our students from the site at 1.30pm. Within an hour of the leak becoming apparent, a team of external contractors were on-site; working alongside our site team to isolate and make-safe the affected area.
“As a result of their efforts, Withernsea High School was able to open as normal on Wednesday, February 7. I apologise for any inconvenience caused to parents/carers and would like to thank them for their understanding and continued support.”
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