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Public meeting called over

new plans for town bank

    By Nicola Watson  

WITHERNSEA residents are invited to a public meeting to discuss the revised NatWest planning application at the Meridian Centre, on Friday, June 7 at 6.30pm.

On May 23, The Gazette reported the planning authority, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, had received the application from applicant Micheal Junaid to turn the former bank into retail and supported living accommodation.

Now Withernsea Town Council has objected to the proposal at its meeting on Monday, June 3. Voting to object to the plans, with one abstention.

Councillor Lyn Healing who is also an East Riding of Yorkshire ward councillor and sits on its Eastern Area Planning sub-committee, was unable to comment and abstained from the vote. She has called the application forward to the sub-committee.

“The A1 retail unit has been added which makes it a completely different application. So it’s got to go through the whole process once again. I will be speaking at the meeting, as I did the last one, I’ve called it forward so it’s open to debate amongst all councillors. This application will be looked at very closely by members of the committee,” explained Cllr Healing. “If anyone is stuck with relevant material considerations in planning I am more than happy to discuss what is relevant in planning as a whole. And that goes to anybody who is objecting or supporting.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, June 5, Withernsea Town Council announced Friday’s public meeting proposed on Monday by Councillor Dave Edwards.

A statement from the town council said: “Guidance on how to make your objections known to East Riding Council’s planning committee and help with what are relevant planning issues will be covered. We encourage as many concerned residents and businesses as possible to come along.

“It is vital that everyone realises that this is a new application and the objections submitted against the previous planning application will not be transferred to this application. Anyone who submitted an objection to the previous application and still has an objection to the proposal must submit an objection to this planning application.”

Last year, Withernsea Town Council held a public meeting to discuss the previous application as part of one of their council meetings at the Meridian Centre which was attended by approximately 30 residents.

Residents voiced their opinion in the publicparticipation section of the meeting, before the council voted to object to the application with one abstention.

The previous application was refused at a meeting of East Riding Council’s Eastern Area Planning SubCommittee on September 24, 2018. Those plans were unanimously rejected by all 10 members.

The Planning Inspectorate dismissed an appeal by the applicant against the ERYC’s refusal to grant permission in March 2019.

As the Gazette went to press, there were 12 objections to the revised planning application, which can be viewed on the East Riding planning portal.

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