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Student’s ‘powerful imagery’

wins prestigious competition

    By Andrea Kirk  

A YEAR 10 student at Hornsea School and Language College (HSLC) has won the Cambridge University International Sociology Competition for 2019.

The theme of this year was sociology in everyday life and required students to submit an original photograph with a title and supporting explanation.

Hannah Seal from Hornsea School who won the competition had submitted an image of a girl sat down with her back to the camera in front of a mirror with her head in her hands.

A nutritional information label was projected onto her back which was entitled ‘The Whole Package.’

Hannah’s accompanying explanation was how the media labels people because of the choices they make and how this can lead to eating disorders in an attempt to become what they believe is perfection.

Following the publication of the competition results, the accompanying comments stated: “The judges were unanimously impressed by the powerful imagery used in Hannah’s piece.” Judges commended Hannah, adding: “Hannah’s representation of how a body can be seen reductively through statistics, such as calories, is both carefully considered and highly impactful commentary on eating disorders such as body dysmorphia and anorexia, which affect many young people and have a huge impact on everyday life.”

Hannah also receives £250 prize money, £250 for the sociology department at the school and a paid for visit for her and her teacher to Cambridge to meet the sociology department at Cambridge University for lunch, a tour of the university and an afternoon seeing the sights.

Hornsea School was not only proud of Hannah winning the prize but delighted that every single student in the Year 10 sociology group and two sixth form students submitted an entry. Lydia Allison from year 12 produced a thought-provoking piece entitled ‘Forever’ representing social media and gender equality which was also shortlisted for a top three place but just missed out on the accolade.

Hannah’s teacher Mrs Karen Chilton from HSLC said: “The enthusiasm, creativity and sociological imagination form our students really was phenomenal and we are so very proud of all them. To be crowned the 2019 sociology winner by one of the UK’s undoubtedly most prestigious universities really is an incredible achievement and recognises the outstanding sociology student that Hannah is developing into.

“Hornsea has already been recognised by the examination board as a ‘centre of excellence’ for sociology and we hope this kind of external recognition continues to promote this ethos of success and critical thinking that we try to promote in our students.”

The full judges’ comments and runner-up entries can be found on the Cambridge University sociology department website: www. sociology.cam.ac.uk/news/photocompetition-2019

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