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‘Growth required in police funding’ says Crime Commissioner
    HUMBERSIDE Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has hit out at the Home Secretary’s speech last week at the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Partnership summit. She told Police and Crime Commissioners to stop asking for more money.
In her speech Amber Rudd said: “Part of being a Police and Crime Commissioner is about speaking to the government about resourcing. But it mustn’t just be about lobbying the government for money. It needs to be about cutting crime, delivering on the priorities you were elected on and being held to account by local people in your area when you don’t. So when crime statistics go up, I don’t just want to see you reaching for a pen to write a press release asking for more money from the government. I want you to tell your local communities and the victims in your area what your plan is to make them safer.”
She also hinted that Police and Crime Commissioner roles could extend to become Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner roles in the future, following last month’s appointment of the country’s first Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner in Essex last month.
Following Ms Rudd’s speech which also noted police recorded crime has gone up by 13 per cent in the past year, Mr Hunter said The National Police Chiefs Council and the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, a cross party organisation, has submitted to the Home Office a detailed case outlining the real growth required in police funding. He said it is needed to deal with the additional threats, demand and complexity of the current policing challenge. In a statement he said: “I doubt, however, the willingness of the government to change their stance on driving down the money they provide for local forces so I held out little hope for the Home Secretary’s speech. Unfortunately she failed to meet even my very limited expectations. In the light of a national 13 per cent increase in recorded crime, adding work to overstretched forces, she relies upon a survey of people’s experiences of crime which indicates a reduction in their exposure to crime, to argue against there being a case for more money.” Mr Hunter said the Home Secretary ignored the fact that crime accounts for only around 20 per cent of the demand on policing and the growing complexity and seriousness of crimes being committed requires more resources.
“Every community I speak to is telling me general lawlessness is growing and they want more police officers and PCSOs. Chief Officers across the country highlight how the police are filling gaps for other services especially around mental health issues, yet the Home Secretary’s response was to tell Police and Crime Commissioners to stop publicly asking for more money and concentrate on reducing crime.”
“Locally I am working with the Chief Constable to ensure our available funds are concentrated on providing additional officers and building the partnerships that can deliver improved community safety.” Mr Hunter stressed he wants local communities to receive an even better and more responsive and sustainable service.
“That requires Government money and I urge everyone to make their views known to their MPs,” Mr Hunter said.
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