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NatWest planning appeal submitted


AN APPEAL against the decision to refuse planning permission to turn Withernsea’s former NatWest Bank into supported living accommodation for young people and a retail unit has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

The decision to refuse the planning application was made at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Eastern Area Planning SubCommittee meeting in August.

A previous application by the same applicant to turn the building into supported living accommodation was refused at a meeting of the same sub-committee in September 2018 and appealed. The appeal was dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate in March this year due to the loss of ground floor retail and frontage for commercial use in a shopping area.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council received the revised planning application with a retail area from applicant Micheal Junaid in May.

Comments on the appeal can be submitted via the Planning Inspectorate website. The deadline to submit comments is Monday, December 30.

News of the latest appeal was discussed at the Withernsea Town Council meeting on Monday, September 25. The Town Council has previously objected twice to the proposed plans for the former NatWest Bank.

Cllr Jim Blake said on the last occasion he had collected 40 to 50 letters signed by locals in objection and asked the council’s permission to do the same again to submit to the Planning Inspectorate as a councillor.

Deputy Town Clerk Kim Gray said: “The process should be that any comments should go through the electronic system that they use. I do think that everybody should be encouraged to use the system that they want to use rather than letters.”

Cllr Terry Dagnall said: “I agree with what you are wanting to do but I would say please try to get people to object by themselves first. Each person that will have objected will have got an email from planning therefore they should object directly themselves.”

Cllr Felicity Walmsley said: “I suggest what we do is let Cllr Blake do what he wants to do because a lot of people in this town don’t have access and don’t know how to do it even if they do have access and then everybody else who can do it, do it themselves. Then we’ll get lots of individual ones but this one with lots of names on hopefully might carry some weight.”

The council agreed for Cllr Blake and Cllr Callum Hollingworth to take the lead in arranging to help residents to make comments and collect signatures.

The building on Queen Street has stood empty since the bank closed on August 31, 2016.

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