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“My rape case hell”

SHATTERED: Trevor Shaw at home next to the pond where the woman who accused him of rape fell

  Exclusive by Gina Hobbs  

‘Not guilty’ – market trader, 76, tells of 14 months of torment

A WITHERNSEA market trader who was found not guilty of rape by a jury at Hull Crown Court exclusively spoke to the Gazette about how he endured 14 months of hell.
Trevor Shaw, 76, of Kirkfield Road was unanimously cleared of rape by a jury within one hour, following his four day trial which ended last Thursday, March 30.
The widower had been accused of deliberately getting a woman drunk to have sex with her but the jury of 10 men and two women accepted his defence that the woman consented.
In court Mr Shaw admitted he had sex with the woman behind her partner’s back and agreed to keep it a secret – but faced a false allegation after she allegedly felt guilty and told her partner.
Crown barrister Patrick Palmer accused Mr Shaw of knowing full-well the woman was drunk and in no fit state to consent.
Defence barrister Richard Thompson said it was telling that the woman could remember little of the rape, and stayed in Mr Shaw’s company for more than an hour the next day.
He said a rape victim would not have done those things. He said she may have felt guilty when she blurted out to her partner: “I have slept with Trevor.” He said Mr Shaw soon faced a false rape allegation when her partner replied: “You better be kidding” and she began back tracking.
After the trial Mr Shaw told the Gazette: “It’s been terrible for 14 months it’s been hell when I ain’t done nothing wrong.
“I’ve had to live with this and there’s no way of proving your innocence ‘til you get to court, is there?
“I feel a lot better now, it’s like half a ton is off me shoulders.
I had to keep it to myself I was surprised by the allegations.”
“ I have a bar at the bottom of the garden and have friends round for a drink. She came round with her husband and was drinking vodka.
“She was making fancies at me all the while. About half one they (the woman and her husband) decided to go and left the bar together. When I came out - I don’t know if she fell over- she was sitting on the floor.” After refusing to go home with him the woman’s husband flung her in the pond Mr Shaw said, and when she refused to go home he let her into the house to get dry and lent her his late wife’s dressing gown.
“When I went to the front bedroom with her clothes she was there standing with her dressing gown wide open.
“She put me on to her. I said I wasn’t interested and called her a witch and went back to bed. The next thing I knew she said ‘Did we have sex. I said ‘no’.
“She said tell my husband I haven’t done’owt wrong, then said you raped me didn’tyou rape me, which I didn’t.” Then she stayed until her husband picked her up at 10.30am.
Mr Shaw said he was ‘amazed’ when the police came and he was arrested and then bailed.
“For those 14 months I didn’t do nothing. I wasn’t interested.
“I was worried about losing the house because my wife is in the garden – her ashes are there. It’s been an ordeal with people looking at me and talking and thinking I was a rapist.
“The trial frightened me to death. I was sick everytime I needed something to eat.
“I’m just trying to get back to normal and get the house done up; cleaned and painted. I’ll only be having close friends round now. No one else.”

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