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‘More visible police’ for

Holderness says police chief

    By Nicola Watson  

THE number of Humberside Police response officers across Holderness is set to increase this month.

Neighbourhood Inspector for Beverley and Holderness Phil Hinch has confirmed that the force will have 32 new response officers from Monday, September 24.

Inspector Hinch said: “Front line staff will increase in the Holderness area across Withernsea and Hedon police stations from Monday, September 24. The new shift pattern will be increasing the number of officers per shift, we will have 32 new response officers. This is in addition to the current staff to supplement the neighbourhood officers and PCSOs in the area. This is really good news for the area and means more visible police in Withernsea, Hedon and the surrounding villages to respond to calls for their services.

“We would encourage people to call us if they see any crime and action happening, we need people on the ground to be our eyes and ears. It’s really important that people invest time to ring us. It is about people being vigilant and taking pride in the area they live in. Our staff have pride in the area they work and support people through enforcement and education. They are trained to look out for vulnerable people. In a very difficult job we need the public’s support. We need people to keep on reporting.”
Inspector Hinch revealed the news during a recent visit of Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart, when he spent the day with Humberside Police to see first-hand the police work going on in the constituency.

Mr Stuart heard from Inspector Hinch that police officer numbers are being increased with more officers currently being trained to take up positions in Holderness. Mr Stuart spent time in Hedon and Withernsea.

On his visit to Hedon, Mr Stuart was accompanied by local East Riding councillors Sue Steel, John Dennis and Mike Bryan, to hear of their concerns about local issues around crime and traffic.

They welcomed the re-opening of Hedon police station and the installation of CCTV.

In Withernsea, Mr Stuart and Inspector Phil Hinch were accompanied by local councillors, Cllr Lyn Healing and Cllr David Tucker, to hear of the concerns about local issues around crime and antisocial behaviour.

Mr Stuart commented on the police response officer increase on his visit to Withernsea. He told the Gazette: “I’m very pleased that police numbers in the region are increasing. There have been lots of concerns about the lack of policing and I am pleased to say Humberside Police are looking to increase their numbers and I will be happy to see responsive improved policing across the Beverley and Holderness constituency.”

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