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Abandoned – Hornsea

the town with no banks

    By Andrea Kirk  

LLOYDS Bank in Hornsea has now closed its doors for the last time marking the first of the two last remaining banks in the town that both close this month.

The Gazette reported back in December that Lloyds bank and the Natwest would both close this June, a story picked up by the Telegraph and reported on nationally in January.

Hornsea’s Lloyds Bank occupies the corner premises of the ironically named Bank Street on Newbegin where the previously occupied by the HSBC Bank premises on the opposite corner, still remains empty. Statistics provided by Lloyds Bank show the number of transactions made by personal customers using the Hornsea branch decreased last year by over 10 per cent.

Lloyds Bank has introduced its mobile banking service to the town which has been supported by Hornsea Town Council which has given permission for Lloyds Bank to locate the service in their Cinema Street car park. The bank on wheels will be available to Lloyds customers on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and a Friday morning.

A Lloyds Bank spokesperson said: “We made the difficult decision to close the Hornsea branch due to the changing ways customers choose to bank with us, which resulted in the branch being used less often.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and have spoken to customers about the new mobile branch service, which is on the road, as well as their nearest alternative branch, which is Ings Road Hull. The new mobile branch service will provide a vital service to the local communities it visits, by giving customers access to everyday banking services such as making deposits, withdrawing cash and paying bills.

“Customers can also continue to access their banking locally by visiting the nearby Post Office, which is a short walk from the branch.”

The new mobile banking service is available to personal and business customers of Lloyds Bank. Personal customers will be able to use the new mobile branches for everyday banking needs such as making deposits (£5,000 cash limit), withdrawing cash (£300 daily limit or £1,000 if pre-ordered 48 hours before) and paying bills.

The service will also help customers use online banking and make general account or product enquiries. Business customers will also have access to basic services such as making deposits up to £5,000 and withdrawing up to £300 daily in cash (or £1,000 if pre-ordered 48 hours before). The mobile branch has disabled access, including a disabled lift allowing wheelchair access, and a hearing loop will be installed. The timetable for the mobile branch can be found on the Lloyds Bank website which currently shows the service operating in Hornsea on a Tuesday from 1.15pm to 3pm, Thursday from 1.30pm to 3pm and Friday 9.45am to 11.15am. The NatWest Hornsea branch on Newbegin is due to close next Monday, June 11.

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