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More services prescribed at Hornsea Cottage Hospital

    By Andrea Kirk  

HORNSEA Cottage Hospital League of Friends has been reassured services at the hospital will be retained with the possibility that more could be added.

The news was revealed at a meeting last Friday, July 12, chaired by local MP Graham Stuart. Representatives also attended from the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, City Healthcare Partnership, Humber Foundation Trust, The Smile Foundation and Councillor Barbara Jefferson.

Afterwards June Barton from the League of Friends said: “We started on a positive note having been reassured regarding the funding of rents, the retention of services and improved communications. There is a newly introduced service for the repair of hearing aids at the hospital and it’s hoped a dermatology clinic will also be added soon. Our plea for optometry will be looked into as we are certain we need more than just retinal screening in Hornsea.”

The group said both antenatal and postnatal clinics should be held in a hospital setting and not in the Children’s Centre, situated within the grounds of Hornsea School and Language College.

“Maternity services are provided by Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals who are launching Maternity Voice Partnership to learn of women’s experiences with a link on their website. We will await their findings,” Mrs Barton said.

The League is also concerned that equipment and furniture, some of which it has purchased, has been removed from the hospital’s former podiatry room whilst other equipment it purchased is now unused.

“At our next monthly meeting we will review this situation and decide where it can be donated,” Mrs Barton said.

The future of Kingfisher Lodge to the rear of the hospital was also discussed as this is possibly being leased to Social Services which wishes to make some changes.

The League of Friends was concerned this could affect themselves and the Alcoholics Anonymous group which meets there.

But following the meeting they commented: “Humber Foundation Trust has stated both groups can still retain use of the premises.”

The doctors’ appointment system was also discussed. Currently those wanting an appointment telephone at 8.30am on the day, or queue outside ahead of opening.

“Neither of these options are acceptable in this day and age so we are reliably informed this will be reviewed and hopefully a solution can be found,” said Mrs Barton.

Other items discussed included the ‘Know Your Blood Pressure’ campaign; ‘No More Drops from the Docs’ where GPs will not usually prescribe medicines that can be bought over the counter for minor health concerns like hay fever. The introduction of the NHS App for smartphones and tablets; and the ‘Get Help Sooner’ leaflets offering consultations to other healthcare professionals rather than a GP were discussed. These campaigns are designed to reduce expenditure on NHS prescriptions for items that are far cheaper to buy over the counter.

MP Graham Stuart said: “I was delighted to chair what I feel was another constructive meeting between the League of Friends and senior regional healthcare managers regarding Hornsea Cottage Hospital.”

The group have agreed to meet again on Friday, December 13.

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