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Hold the front page! Radio 1 is in town!

    By Gina Hobbs  

HOLDERNESS proved to be as solid as a rock for the Radio 1 team which dropped into the Gazette on a whistle-stop tour of Scotland, England and Wales.

Thanks to the Gazette’s razor-sharp Zoe Broom the Gazette took centre stage on the national radio station on Tuesday. It put the 119-year-old independently owned Gazette in the limelight and shone a spotlight on the region and what this part of East Yorkshire has to offer.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time as The Gazette publishes its annual holiday guide which is packed with information for holidaymakers and local people.

The visit came on day two of the four-week Radio 1 at Work series. It meant Withernsea and the Holderness Gazette got live airtime on the national radio station. The series is exploring the different environments where people listen whilst working.

Zoe broadcast during presenter Clara Amfo’s mid-morning programme when listeners were asked to come up with a headline for the story in the Gazette. And true to our word we’ve published the Radio 1 listeners’ headline chosen by Zoe. She talked to the BBC’s Arielle Free in the Gazette office and spoke live on air to Clara Amfo thanks to a link set up by Arielle and the on the road production team Jahmal, Roushan and Lucy.

Arielle told listeners: “We are by the seaside we’ve come to Withernsea to the Holderness and Hornsea and North Holderness Gazette newspaper near Hull to get the listeners to come up with a headline.” She read out some of our headlines before listeners responded with their own.

“It was very exciting. It was good to get Radio 1 to Holderness to see our seaside and what we have to offer and to give the Gazette and our area a plug on air just before Easter, at the start of the holiday season and of course our holiday guide is out this week,” said Zoe.

The Gazette showed Radio 1 Withernsea’s got more front than Blackpool, giving the production team a tour of the seaside town, presenting Arielle with a stick of Withernsea rock and recommending the resort’s fish and chips. Radio 1 producers learnt the Gazette’s was formed in 1910, about its production and the area we cover.

“We love it here right by the sea,” said producer Lucy Hickling, “But why is the sea so brown?”

Before dropping in at The Gazette, the Radio 1 entourage popped into a chocolatier in Beverley, and then armed with cakes, courtesy of the Gazette, set off for its next stop, a mortgage broker in Selby and then a final drop-in for the day at a Leeds dentist.

The current Radio 1 at Work feature encompasses a range of work places and has also featured a glass blower and a dog groomer. The team is covering the country from Edinburgh to Southampton and Swansea and the broadcast team has already visited Glasgow and Carlisle.

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