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Holderness bursts with its own mayoral pride

    By Gazette Reporters  

A NEW chapter is about to unfold across Holderness and its core towns as new Mayors are elected, whilst East Riding of Yorkshire Council also gets a new leader after 23 years.

May is traditionally mayor making month and this week Councillor Terry Dagnall was re-elected as Withernsea Mayor for the third time. In Hornsea Councillor Andrew Eastwood took up the reigns from Councillor Keith Himsworth.

At Withernsea’s annual meeting on Monday evening Cllr Dagnall said: I’d like to thank the council for giving me another year as the Mayor. It’s nice to be recognised for the work I’ve done over the year. If you’re not aware I’ve done a lot of work for the council, I’ve done a lot of media work and other stuff. It’s nice to continue the work and work on things for improving the town. If anyone’s got any ideas, please feel free to fetch them forward but if you’ve got an idea, do a bit of homework on it first and then fetch it to the town council. If you want to put your idea please help out with it, don’t just drop it in the laps and say ‘ right there’s your idea’ and run off. Let’s all work together. Once again thank you. I tend to work hard for Withernsea to the best of my ability and always a lot more on top of that.”

Cllr Felicity Walmsley was elected as Deputy Mayor taking over from Cllr Lyn Healing.

Hedon Town Council will elect its 673rd Mayor tonight, (Thursday May 16) at its annual meeting. The new Mayor will step outside the town hall on St Augustine’s Gate at 7pm for the traditional penny throwing ceremony.

It is regarded as one of the most peculiar events in Hedon’s civic calendar. Steeped in history, it is a parody of the days when Hedon was a “rotten borough” with people being offered money to vote for a particular mayoral candidate in elections. Following their appointment, the incumbent mayor would pay off his supporters. Today the event is purely a family fun occasion with children being thrown pennies by the new Mayor, the town’s civic leaders and their guests.

Meanwhile, a new civic era is about to begin at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Councillor Richard Burton, who was elected as Conservative Group Leader on Wednesday, May 8, is today, (May 16), expected to be formally elected as council leader at the East Riding Council’s annual meeting.

Cllr Burton said: “I am delighted to be appointed as the new group leader and look forward to working with officers, councillors, residents, businesses and partners to keep building on the successes of my predecessor, Stephen Parnaby OBE. Stephen was a huge asset to the East Riding and I am proud to follow in his footsteps.”

Cllr Jonathan Owen who served as the deputy leader with the then Cllr Parnaby, is expected to continue in that role.

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