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Brave ladies’ charity chop


THREE ladies have ‘braved the shave’ and had their long locks cut off raising almost £4000 for the charity Macmillan Cancer Support and donating their locks to The Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment or other illnesses.

Laura Adams from Hedon started the challenge when she held a Halloween party in October 2017 and told her friends Helen Brown, from Hornsea and Ruth Arnott, from Hull, of her intentions to brave the shave and donate her hair.

Miss Brown said: “It was always something I had spoken about and I agreed to support Laura and do it with her and I was sober when I agreed to do it, which seemed a great idea at the time.

“After a few drinks Ruth then agreed to do it with us and that was that. We registered for Brave the Shave and set up a funding page aiming to raise £1,000 each.”

The trio agreed to do the shave at Castle Hill hospital on Saturday, July 7 to coincide with a family fun day being held there. The friends all own classic minis and are part of the Old Skool Mini Club in Hull, and so they decided to take their minis to be part of the fun day attraction as well as holding a tombola to raise further funds.

Miss Brown added: “We had our hair sectioned into plaits, so each section could be cut off and bagged to send away to the Little Princess Trust. We were then seated in the arena where members of our families, friends and the audience where able to donate to cut a plait off and then shave a section of hair, which went down well.

“Leading up to the shave we felt a combination of excitement, nausea, dread, and regret, but we went through with it and all felt so relieved and exhilarated to have gone through something quite dramatic.”

The team have exceeded their targets with the current total just short of £4,000 including the £550 raised on the day from spectators and the tombola.

Although not all of the group have been affected by cancer they wanted to support Macmillan who provide those with cancer and their families with help that is vital to help get through the difficult times whilst also using the hair that was shaved off to put a smile on children’s faces when they receive their own real hair wig.

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