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Fly-tipping frustrations

hit breaking point

    Nicola Watson  
    COUNCILLORS are rallying together once again to tackle the ongoing problem of fly-tipping on Cherry Tree Avenue in Withernsea. Withernsea Town Councillor Dave Edwards was alerted to the pile of rubbish at the rear of flats on the avenue on Tuesday, September 28 and headed down to the scene the following day. Cllr Edwards reported the find, and a second spot where rubbish has accumulated around the side of the flats, to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and requested for it to be removed. On discovering the rubbish it remained a week later, and identifying a third site on Ryecroft Drive, Cllr Edwards approached East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Lyn Healing to begin working together to tackle the issue. Cllr Edwards said: “Something has got to be done. It is unfair for the people living in this area to have to live with that. Some of them have kids and they can’t let them out to play. There were seagulls diving for the food that has been dumped, and now there are rats too. It’s wrong. The people who are doing this will get caught and when they do get caught I will push for them to get the maximum penalty that there is.” One spot at which rubbish has appeared is next to a communal bin compound, in which rubbish has also been dumped inside, but Cllr Edwards is concerned that only the rubbish in bins will be removed. A resident of the flats claimed to the Gazette that a lack of bins was also contributing to the problem. East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Lyn Healing echoes Cllr Edwards and the residents’ frustrations. Cllr Healing said: “I was deeply disappointed that the fly-tipping rubbish in the Cherry Tree Avenue area had not been removed last week and that an individual has yet again dumped rubbish outside residents flats. The majority of residents do take their anger and dismay this has happened again. I contacted the housing manager on three occasions about this matter, twice last week and I received an email from the Housing Manager on Monday and he will be going to inspect the whole area and order that the rubbish is cleared away.” A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The council is aware of ongoing problems with rubbish in this area. It is for this reason that a communal bin compound has been built for the use of the tenants. “The blocks of flats in Cherry Tree Avenue have all been supplied with the correct amount of bins but there have been continued problems with bins being moved around and even stolen. “The area is regularly inspected and cases of illegal dumping are investigated. Any evidence found will be used to take further action, which could include a fixed penalty or prosecution. ”Cllr Edwards reported that the site at Ryecroft Drive had been cleared and work to remove rubbish from one of the spots at Cherry Tree Avenue flats had begun at the time the Gazette went to press.  
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