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Three-hour parking limit at Floral Hall

    By Andrea Kirk  

HORNSEA Floral Hall has resorted to employing a private parking company to stop abuse of its car parking facility to ensure the future of the community run hall and café.

The car park will now be limited to three hours for customers only with a £90 fine for vehicles overstaying. This week residents were confused as signs were put up in Hornsea Floral Hall car park announcing the parking is now managed by private company Highview Parking.

A post on Facebook prompted questions to be asked over who owned the car park and if any exemptions were in place with regard to events that take place at the venue.

On the thread on Facebook a commenter added: “Floral Hall didn’t know anything about it until the enforcement agency turned up to sort it all out. Also, Floral staff and volunteers were told it was set up by the council.”

Staff from the Floral Hall café appeared to have not received communication on the changes. The response from another commenter said: “I go to work to wash pots and take food out not to get abused by old biddies because of a parking enforcement that has nothing to do with me or any other staff member.” The same staff member added: “I got told three different things at work by different people about the car park, staff don’t actually know what’s going on but yet we get the abuse.”

The Gazette contacted the directors of the Floral Hall and a spokesperson said: “The directors of the Floral Hall have decided to limit parking to three hours. The decision has been made due to abuse of the car park.
“Customers have been unable to park, due to cars being parked all day and it is used as a park and ride facility and for overnight parking.

“There will be special arrangements in place when there are functions and events that last longer than three hours.”

The statement was also posted on The Floral Hall Facebook page. It now appears there is understanding on the reasoning behind the decision, and support has been received for the move. Feedback suggests the public understands that if the car park hadn’t been abused the decision to limit parking and bring in a private car parking company would not have been made. It is hoped the new car parking arrangements will allow the café to make money to keep the hall operationally viable.

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