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£200 million energy park proposals divide Holdernes
    By Nicola Watson  

PLANS for the proposed £200 million Yorkshire Energy Park are expected to go before East Riding of Yorkshire’s Council’s Planning Committee in the coming months.

If it goes ahead the scheme could create 4,480 jobs at the site on the former Hedon aerodrome. The development is expected to be phased over a 10-year period. If it gets the green light facilities would include a clean energy plant, education and training facilities and a data centre. Developers say it will include 54 hectares of green space which will be protected for 150 years for wildlife with an additional 94 hectares of land on a nearby site earmarked for wintering birds to offset land used for regeneration.

The scheme has been supported by Tim Rix CBE, chairman of J.R. Rix & Sons. He is also vice chairman of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and is chairman of the Green Port Growth Programme.

He said: “It is imperative that the Yorkshire Energy Park is supported and approved at planning so that this area is able to provide land and facilities to support the new, emerging industries that are keen to locate here and to employ people in our Humber area. If we cannot make new facilities available, we have all been wasting our time.”

The Yorkshire Energy Park is being proposed by locally-based Sewell Group, Hessle-based communications company MS3 Networks and development company Chiltern Group, and an outline planning application was submitted in May 2017.

In Hedon local businessman Andy Shimmon, who owns Calceus, a shoe repair and key cutting shop in St Augustine’s Gate, said: “The Yorkshire Energy park is a lifeline for Hedon. Two more businesses, which have been here 15 and 10 years respectively, are closing down in the town and that’s down to lack of footfall. We don’t want to be left with an empty high street.”

James Baron, a volunteer at Eastside Sports who ran for local council in the last elections, said: “The feedback I received during my campaign was positive regarding the YEP. The support is there to see on social media and on the planning portal. The YEP will energise the area and the economy. It will guarantee jobs and a great future for the area.”

But a local councillor is finalising the organisation of a march and rally to oppose the scheme. It is understood the event will take place within the next few weeks.

East Riding Ward Councillor for South West Holderness John Dennis is opposed to the energy park because it is not ‘allocated’ land in the Local Plan. “The aerodrome field was purposefully omitted from the ‘allocations’ list by East Riding, when they publicised their Local Plan and it was adopted, only in September 2016. This field was regarded as the ‘important green space’ separating Hedon and Preston South from Hull’s industrial sprawl.

We have, already 503 acres of ABP land opposite, on the far side of the A1033, which is allocated for industry. Do we really need this 200-acres too?”

He said there are highways and traffic objections, flooding, ecological, environmental and emissions issues too. “Residents know full well the problems faced twice a day by those employees of the existing industry. And that is set to get much worse if the YEP application succeeds. The planning committee meeting is due in the foreseeable future and as Ward Member I have the right to speak against the application, and fully intend to do so.”

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