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Christmas lunch shows town’s true community spirit

    By Andrea Kirk  

THE TRUE spirit of Christmas was alive and well as Hornsea Floral Hall hosted its sixth Christmas Day lunch. Volunteers were kept busy catering for around 100 people who attended the annual event.

But now, Rosie Bullard, the woman behind what has become a town tradition, the community Christmas lunch at The Floral Hall, has announced she is bowing out. She and her husband Andy are stepping down from organising the event and are looking for someone else to take over the organisation to ensure its future.

The first community lunch organised by Rosie and Andy was at Christmas 2013, following similar events she had organised in other parts of the country, before moving to Hornsea.

Then Rosie told the Gazette: “Anyone who is on their own, or even a couple where perhaps the children have flown the nest, the homeless, or people just wanting a bit of company, are very welcome to come along. All are invited and they can even bring friends and family.

“The idea is for everyone to just pitch in, prepare the meal together, and then sit down to enjoy a Christmas dinner with “all the trimmings.”

Since then the event has become embedded in the town’s calendar proving community ties are alive and well with local businesses joining in to contribute and to do their bit.

Rosie has continued her involvement as one of the organisers as the event has evolved over the years.

The 2019 free Christmas lunch at the Floral Hall was once again available to those who would otherwise be spending the festive season alone, or who struggle to afford Christmas. Just as in other years it was made possible thanks to donations from local people, groups and businesses.

Nature’s Finest provided much of the vegetables and Hornsea Tesco also contributed other items for the lunch. There were donations of crab from the Bridlington fishermen and the ladies on Eastgate donated Christmas crackers.

One of the many donations towards the event was £200 from the Smile Foundation and the table flowers were done by Hornsea resident Heather Raw.

“We would like to thank everyone who contributed and the volunteers who helped. It would be impossible to thank every individual as so many have donated things from a bottle of fizz to a trifle or box of After Eights. Also thank you to the Floral Hall directors for allowing us to use the hall and Sue the café manager for showing us how to use the kitchen and for cooking all of the meat for us,” said Rosie.

She added: “Andy and I are stepping down and are looking for someone else to take over the organisation to ensure the future of it.”

To discuss this further contact Rosie on 07703 166422.

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