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Village fears loss of all

bus services to Hull

    By Andrea Kirk  

ALDBROUGH residents feel they have drawn the short straw as the impact of the closure of the Hornsea bus depot hits them hardest with the threat of Aldbrough losing all bus services to and from Hull.

Aldbrough Parish Council became aware of the risk to their bus services following contact from the Gazette - after we learnt notice had been given by East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) to East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) that they would no longer be running the 220/221/230 service from May 6.

Following this news Aldbrough Parish Council invited representatives from both organisations to their meeting on Monday, April 9 at Aldbrough Primary School.

Chris Mottershaw from Passenger Services at ERYC attended to answer residents’ and councillors’ questions with around 50 members of the public in attendance.

Chair of the parish council, Sharlah Cantwell said: “We aren’t taking this lightly, the service isn’t being stopped because of lack of numbers but because of the closure of the Hornsea bus depot.”

Mr Mottershaw admitted: “This is a real challenge for us to manage” before confirming the 221 service and 230 service would cease and confirming the 220 service is currently out to tender with a closing date tomorrow, April 13.

Mr Mottershaw explained an ERYC staff member had travelled on the service at 7am doing a survey on March 19 and 21. On the outward journey no passengers got on the bus until Sproatley and on the return journey at 6.05pm a few passengers stayed on until Aldbrough; but none were travelling on the service after Aldbrough.

Cllr Cantwell questioned: “Now the Hornsea MIU is closed how do we get to an Urgent Care Centre? We can get a bus to Hornsea and change but the last bus back from Hornsea to Aldbrough is 2pm. This has been kept so hush hush it’s disgusting and we need to know the way forward.”

Mr Mottershaw confirmed some tenders had already been received back and these were in the process of being analysed confessing: “Some have been horrendous and some haven’t come back at all.”

Members of the public shared their own personal issues with the threat to the service including some having children in their first year of college at Bishop Burton who get on the service to Bilton where they pick up the Bishop Burton bus service. Mr Mottershaw confirmed: “There is no obligation to provide school transport to over16-year-olds.”

Mr Mottershaw said residents can get on the Ellie Rose Travel school bus service and they are also required to take bus passes which many residents hadn’t realised.

Cllr Cantwell said: “We’ve drawn the short straw I was at Hornsea pre 8am and four buses were leaving within 10 minutes to various places and we’re being given nothing.”

A return Aldbrough to Hull ticket is £8.50 however the amount paid to bus operators for bus pass reimbursement is confidential and many residents expressed that they would rather pay an annual fee for their bus pass as to risk losing bus services altogether.

Ward Councillor John Holtby suggested: “If people have time please write to Graham Stuart MP and we’ll pressure the ERYC as much as we can.” A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The school transport contracts for Hornsea School were retendered for September 2017. We currently have four different contractors, including EYMS, operating services into Hornsea School.

We can’t comment about why any contract is awarded because that is commercially sensitive information. We can’t comment on the service being tendered for either for the same reason.”

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