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Anger mounts as blood

clinic hours are reduced

    By Nicola Watson  
REDUCED blood clinic hours, by the City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) CIC which runs Withernsea Hospital, have sparked a complaint just days after changes began.
Local resident, Keith Hardcastle says he is worried its fewer hours are the thin end of the wedge. On March 1, the CHCP altered blood clinic hours to 8.30am until 1pm, a loss of two and a half hours.
Mr Hardcastle, of Kirkfield Road, saw his GP on Monday, March 5 who requested him to book an appointment for his blood to be taken, with Mr Hardcastle due to return for results on March 15.
But when Mr Hardcastle called Withernsea Hospital on Queen Street to book, he was advised the only slot available would be March 12, just three days before his scheduled return to the doctor.
Now, he is concerned his results will not be ready in time and the backlog of appointments now the blood clinic hours have changed.
“I rang the clinic and was told Monday, March 12, was the only date they had. Having a doctor’s appointment booked for Thursday, March 15, I didn’t think that the blood results would be back on time; so I rang again to ask if it could be brought forward. They explained I was lucky to get one on the 12th, as the next available appointment was in April.
“If by cutting the hours of the blood nurse they are already getting to be a month behind, where are we going to be in three months? In my opinion this is working towards closing the hospital down. If you ring up and need a blood test, if they have no appointments, will you have to go to Beverley or even Goole? I have made an official complaint.”
East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Lyn Healing, who represents the South East Holderness Ward, said: “I have written to the operational manager of the CHCP. I sent him a rather strong email on Friday, March 2, the day after the changes rolled out, of my concerns and those of another resident I have had come to me, who faced a three week wait for an appointment.
“It was only the second day of the change and they already had to add three extra appointments because of the backlog. I requested they take the hours back to what they were.
My concerns would be the delay in diagnosis and treatment which are totally unacceptable.”
Cllr Healing received a reply saying the situation would be monitored and the CHCP would hold a meeting to discuss operational issues.
A CHCP spokesperson said it could not disclose details about individual patient care as this would be a breach of confidentiality.
“We would urge anyone who has used our services and is unhappy about any aspect of their care to get in touch with our customer care team who will endeavour to resolve any problem or concern as quickly as possible.
“The blood clinic at Withernsea Hospital has returned to normal opening hours after running an extended service on a temporary basis. The clinic will continue to meet demand for appointments ensuring patient needs are met locally. Blood clinic appointments are available Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 1pm offering 27 appointments per day with a total of 135 appointments per week catering for both urgent and routine referrals.”
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