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Councillor’s dismay over

Spurn barbed wire


A LOCAL councillor has spoken of his disappointment as he claims the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has not fulfilled its promise to remove double stranded barbed wire from the Spurn Nature Reserve.

The pledge followed an incident in which a deer became trapped in a fence on Friday, May 18.

The deer was found with its back leg caught in the fence at the nature reserve near to the canal at Kilnsea by visitors to the reserve.

A local, Steve Exley, reportedly freed the deer, whose leg was torn by the wire, but was unable to catch the injured animal.

The incident was reported to the RSPCA and to landowners Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT). Despite a search the animal was not found.

A statement released by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on Monday, May 21, said: “As a result of this incident we will be removing double stranded barbed wire in areas where we are not using, or intending to use, grazing cattle. We will also look to move to single strands of either plain or barbed wire where appropriate; this will help to prevent an animal getting its leg caught in this way. We will also investigate the possibility of setting up deer passes in areas we know they use preferentially. These steps should further reduce the risk of future incidents.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Ward Councillor David Tucker, who represents South East Holderness said: “Yorkshire Wildlife Trust made a promise to remove the barbed wire and as a token it appears they have spent one day doing so, and have not done anymore. As a ward councillor I am hugely disappointed.”

Cllr Tucker and Mr Exley claim barbed wire is not needed for sheep, and no cattle are on the reserve. Cllr Tucker raised concern about a particular area, where there is barbed wire on the ground, which he fears could injure another animal.

Terry Smithson, director at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust said: “Spurn National Nature Reserve is an incredibly special and important site for wildlife. We’ve had a tremendous reaction and support from visitors, families and school groups who enjoy learning and discovering more about the reserve when they come here. Thanks to the help of volunteers from the local community, Spurn Bird Observatory and further afield, we have also made significant progress to address concerns raised about the barbed wire and will continue to remove it. Spurn is naturally a large and complex reserve and it will therefore take time to do all that we would like and work is ongoing, we always welcome those who would like to work with us cooperatively to create a better future at Spurn.”

Additionally, Councillor Tucker raised concern that rubble left in a field nearby to the centre, which was its original site, has not been removed.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware that some rubble is still located at Spurn Head, following the completion of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s new Spurn Discovery Centre. The council is working with the trust to get this removed as soon as possible.”

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