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Anne’s pledge to serve the local community

NEW MAYOR: New Deputy Mayor Cllr Keith Himsworth, Mayors consort Cllr Andrew Eastwood, new Mayor Cllr Anne Padgett, former Mayor Cllr Lee Walton and former Mayoress Janet Walton

  By Andrea Kirk  

HORNSEA welcomed its new community- centred mayor at Monday night’s Mayor-making ceremony at Hornsea Town Hall.
Cllr Anne Padgett takes on the mantle and steps into the Mayoral shoes following on from outgoing Mayor Cllr Lee Walton.
Incoming Mayor Cllr Anne Padgett, a mother of two with two grandchildren, moved to Hornsea in 2002 after retiring and wanted to become involved in the community.
She quickly lived up to her ambition getting stuck into the heart of community life. The town’s new Mayor will be a familiar face to many.
She is a volunteer director of the community- run Hornsea Floral Hall, a volunteer driver for Holderness Area Rural Transport (HART), as well as having served on the town council for approximately eight years.
And now she is delighted to be Hornsea’s Mayor for 2017-2018 which she sees as a privilege.
“I think Hornsea is a beautiful town, it is friendly and welcoming and has old fashioned values!

“I became one of the directors of the Floral Hall after the initial agreement had been arranged and have thoroughly enjoyed helping to make it the success that it is as a valued asset run by the community for the community,” she told the Gazette.
Cllr Padgett announced her consort will be Cllr Andrew Eastwood and naturally her Mayoral charity for the year will be the Hornsea Floral Hall.
“I’m looking forward to representing the town in whatever way I can, the pottery trail and the development of the South Promenade are quite exciting” said Cllr Padgett.
Cllr Walton (inset), speaking about his year as Hornsea Mayor said: “The past year has been really busy for Hornsea, and I think the town will go from strength to strength, with the newly formed Coastal Community Team, funding for the southern boat compound awarded by the government, and a replacement skate park now approved, to name but a few things.
“It has been a real privilege to be Hornsea’s Mayor during such a busy year.
“A very important part of the role is acting as the town’s ambassador around Hull and the East Riding, and I hope I have done well in this regard.
That being said, there is still more that can be done, and I will continue to do what I can with the contacts made during my year as Mayor.
“In closing, I would just like to say Hornsea has so many great community groups, and so many great events. The organisers of all of these really do need to be commended.
“It’s difficult to pick any one out as being the most memorable, but if pressed, I think being involved in the 50th Anniversary of Hornsea Carnival was a real privilege, especially being dragged on stage to dance with the Ruby Reds!
“I hope my successor, Cllr Anne Padgett, has as interesting a year as I have. Good luck Anne” Whilst serving as Mayor, Cllr Walton supported the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as his chosen charity with around£1,500 raised for the cause throughout the year.
Councillor Keith Himsworth was also elected as Deputy Town Mayor for the ensuing year.
Cllr Padgett thanked Cllr Walton and his wife Janet Walton for their work during the year before presenting them with a thank you gift.

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