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Plea for residents to help

save the Meridian cinema

WITHERNSEA Cinema is calling on residents to use or lose the service at the Meridian Centre which is currently struggling to pay for itself due to lack of attendees at their performances. Both Hornsea and Preston are currently running successful cinemas well supported by their community and Withernsea cinema committee are eager to gather feedback and support from the town to enable the service to pay for itself and secure a future in the town. Keith Hardcastle from the Meridian Centre cinema said: “We’ve been running the cinema for nearly a year now and although our Monday afternoon showings of classic films are going well, the children’s films and Friday night films need more support to continue. “It costs £100 for a license to show one film so to break even we need 35 people to attend each one which we’re not close to. “We have just done a cult film series with the next one being Friday the 13th shown on Friday, October 13.” Hornsea Floral Hall have been running a successful cinema club which now regularly sells out its 150 to 200 seated showings on the last Wednesday of the month with the next October showing being Churchill on October 25. Rosie Bullard from the Hornsea Cinema said: “We have added a matinee performance to our screening day to help ease demand on the evening, I think one of the reasons it’s been a success is we try to get films as close to their release date as possible as an example we plan to show Dunkirk in November as long as it’s released by November 11. “We have our tables and chairs set out cabaret style, it makes it a social evening for people and we always hold a good quality raffle to boost funds. “We also ask those attending what they would like to see out of new releases coming soon and use that to help us choose.” Preston also holds film nights once a month on a Friday at the village community hall when it becomes the Preston Picture Palace. Geoff Catterick, who organises the film nights, said: “We planned to show films on a Friday evening once a month for the period September to April keeping it affordable and providing tea or coffee before and an interval during the showing. “We have maintained an audience averaging 45 and once we had 74 attend and had to turn people away.”Preston film night also ask those attending what they would like to see and are currently putting together their program for February to April next year. Their next screening is ‘Sully’ on Friday, October 27. Withernsea cinema is keen to hear views from the community to help them make a success of the cinema and keep it as a social asset for the town. The cinema has a Facebook page which has asked for feedback on what people would like to see and welcome residents to call in at the Meridian centre with their feedback as to how the service can be saved.
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