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Public rallies after cemetery vandalism

VANDALISM: The damage to crosses at Ivy Lane Cemetary, Hedon. Photo from the WP Everingham and Sons Ltd Facebook Page

DAMAGE has been caused to crosses at Hedon’s Ivy Lane Cemetery, sparking an offer of donations from the public to pay for repairs. They are estimated to cost a minimum of £1,000 rising to £3,000. Neal Everingham, managing director of WP Everingham and Sons Ltd on Souttergate, was notified of the damage on Wednesday, May 2. After assessing the damage he posted images of the scene to the business’ Facebook Page. Following his post, members of the public offered to donate towards the bill and suggested setting up fundraising pages for the cause. Residents also raised concerns over lack of CCTV in the area. Mr Everingham said: “The crosses themselves are broken into two and three pieces. With something like this it is not just about repairing the broken pieces, it needs taking back to basics brought back
up the standards of today to make sure that it is all sound. It’s up to the council now as to whether the parts are repaired or replaced. The offer of donations just goes to show how strongly people feel about the cemetary being well-kept, which it is, the council do a good job. It’s encouraging how people have reacted to this; it’s nice to know that people actually care.” Hedon Town Clerk, Judith Macklin, said: “The damage has been reported to the police. For CCTV you need it to be in the line of sight through to a control room, it’s not as easy as just putting CCTV up. It’s something for the council to look at. To be honest, we don’t get much trouble up there, this is the first instance that I have been aware of in two and a half years. I don’t understand why people do it, its mindless vandalism. It must’ve
taken some force to cause the damage.” She said repairs to stones are up to the people who own them and people are advised to take out insurance. Hedon town councillors have not yet discussed it, but Mrs Macklin added: “From our position at the moment, our responsibility as a council is to make the gravestones safe, which we have.” A Humberside Police spokesperson said: “A number of gravestones have been damaged at a cemetery in Hedon sometime overnight between Sunday, April 29 and Monday, April 30. The damage, which was reported to officers a few days later, was caused to three large headstones at the cemetery on Ivy Lane. We want to appeal for anyone who saw anything at the time, or who has any information to contact us on 101. Reference 16/49013/18 refers.”
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