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Deluge – flash floods hit Withernsea hard

LAKE: The scene at Valley Gardens on Tuesday afternoon


RIVER: Southcliff Road in Withernsea becomes a river

  By Gina Hobbs  

WITHERNSEA was deluged as torrential rain fell in the area on Tuesday causing flash flooding with up to 3ft of water in some areas. Valley Gardens became a lake and water turned some streets into rivers and threatened some properties. Only days ago, Valley Gardens hosted Withfest attended by hundreds of people and crowds are again expected for this weekend’s popular
pirate festival.

Fire crews and Yorkshire Water were called to Valley Gardens late on Tuesday afternoon following reports of rising water. It flooded the town council owned Pop-In Café and town council owned store rooms, beneath the public toilets. Despite the pouring rain Withernsea Town Councillor Dave Edwards was on the scene with town clerk Jayne Moxon in a bid to get the water drained. Humberside Fire and Rescue were called along with Yorkshire Water and teams from East Riding of Yorkshire Council. A Town Council spokeswoman said: “The mains overflow outlet at the south end of town wasn’t in action even though we requested it in the afternoon. I believe after speaking to Yorkshire Water the outlet was activated about 9.30pm. East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Yorkshire Water and the town council will be in discussions about the situation. Heavy rain in the region has affected many areas.”

Tom Underwood from Yorkshire Water said: “We attended the site on Wednesday morning due to the intense rainfall that occurred on Tuesday. As with all flood events, we will investigate this and continue to work with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to understand the flood event.” Firefighters pumped out a flooded cellar at the Pier Hotel on Seaside Road.

Meanwhile, other streets in the town became rivers as rain, reminiscent of the 2007 cloudburst, belted down. Southcliff Road was one of the worst hit streets with firefighters called as standing water on Queen Street sent further waves onto Southcliff Road as passing traffic drove through the flood. Two pumps from Withernsea and one from Patrington attended. A Humberside Fire and Rescue spokesman said 10 pensioners’ bungalows were threatened by flood water which had reached the threshold of the properties. Water was pumped to the beach.

One Southcliff Road resident said nine inches of water has entered his conservatory.

“The fire service was brilliant though. Firefighters were here until about 10.30pm to pump the water out. About quarter to seven in the evening the water was so high I had to take my shoes and socks off and walk home through the water. I’ve never known it like this apart from 2007 and once in the late 1960s.”

Humberside Fire and Rescue received 10 calls for service relating to flooding in the town after 7pm on Tuesday. Calls for service included Seaside Road and Egroms Lane. Localised flooding also occurred in Hedon and rain flooded the A165 in Brandesburton. Firefighters were called to deal with reports of flooding in Ottringham and Great Hatfield. A call for assistance was made at 12.47pm following flooding in Cross Street, Great Hatfield and firefighters pumped waterfrom outside a property into an adjacent pond and the local council representatives attended to clear drains. In Ottringham firefighters gave advice to an occupier following flooding outside a property at 12.57pm on Tuesday. Yorkshire Water were also informed.

A yellow weather warning was in place for heavy rain on Tuesday.

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