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New Easington Post Office plans on hold

CLOSURE: The Previous Easington sub-postmaster and shop owners David and his wife Margaret Webster just before the shop closed in September 2016

  By Nicola Watson  

CONFUSION surrounds the future return of postal services to Easington after a project between the Parish Council and the Post Office has been put on hold.

The rural area was left without two of its vital services on Saturday, September 10 last year when the shop closed for the final time, taking the post office with it.

Shop and post office owners David and Margaret Webster had served the community for over four decades.

The Post Office, on Seaside Road, served Easington and the villages close by, like Kilnsea, Out Newton, Skeffling, Welwick and Holmpton. The service was taken over by the Marquis of Granby in North Churchside took over some of Easington shop’s services on September 16 last year.

Easington Parish Council had the closure of the Post Office on their agenda and a year ago Cllr Dr Haris Livas-Dawes, of Dimlington Road, began in her project to bring postal services back to the village.

When a branch closes, the Post Office sees it as a temporary closure and look back at putting postal services back into the area through a hosted outreach service.

One solution is to enlist the help of a nearby post master or mistress to attend the area once or twice a week with their equipment, to get the services back into the community.

Now, Cllr Livas-Dawes says that it has been confirmed that a local Postmistress has agreed to attend the hall once a week, equipment and staff are all in place to begin but a delay in laying the line for the banking access has meant the whole project is now at a standstill.

Cllr Livas-Dawes said: “Everyone in Easington wants a post office back. It is so discouraging, everyone is going to be upset. All the amenities are in place, expenses have been paid. We have everything we need, the staff and equipment, except the line. Apparently the reason we are being given for the line not being laid is that they can’t bring copper into Easington, which is crazy. We have copper. After working on this for a year and all this effort to get someone to do this for us, to get this news at last minute is very upsetting. I intend to apply as much pressure as possible to move forward with this.”

Post Office Limited have confirmed that their local team are working towards a solution for the community involving the Community Hall but at this stage are unable to confirm final details of any potential outreach service. Meanwhile when the Gazette contacted BT a spokeswoman said the investigation is being investigate

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